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Clotilde Petrosino Storia The Queer Talks


Clotilde class 1987, non-binary artist and photographer. Founder of The Queer Talks project, they always have a camera in their bag, ready to take action. They work in fashion and documentary photography and document people of the LGBTQIA+. Playing the guitar, listening to music and baking are some of their favorite hobbies. They’ve been known for their amazing home baked chocolate chips cookies and cinnamon rolls. 

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Enea. Class of 1994. Queer FtM guy that leaves gender binary to those who still think they exist.  Background in Psychology. Specialized in Neuroscience. Everything to end up writing for a living. His favorite hobbies are reading essays, giving unsolicited advice, and sharing data. His inseparable life partners are ink and melancholia. When he grows up he dreams of becoming Margherita Hack.

About The Queer Talks

The Queer Talks was born in 2018 from an idea by Clotilde Petrosino. 
It’s a photographic project a book about stories of people of the LGBTQIA+, interviewed by Krizia Ribotta Giraudo and Enea Venegoni and lensed by Clotilde Petrosino. 

We promote an unbiased image of the LGBTQIA+ and fight against discrimination. 

On this website you can find some of the stories that will be  available in full version on the book only. 
Also you will find a lot of contents about the LGBTQIA+

We truly believe in freedom and all of our contents are sponsor free. 

Awards, Exhibitions and Publications:  Special stories for, 2019 Portrait fo Humanity Editor’s Pick by  British Journal of Photography, Group Exhibition at Miami Art Week in 2021 at Art N’ Folly, Group Exhibition by Fuentes Angarita Collection at JW Marriott Marquis, Miami for WOPHA Congress.

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